Top 10 Tips for relaxing detoxifying your body

When you think of losing weight and healthier lives through detox, you think of completely changing your lifestyle. Often then drops you all the courage in the shoes, because how do you combine a strict diet with all the obligations and distractions of the day? Slow down, slow change is ultimately the best way to make progress. You can start today with all small steps towards a non-toxic and fit body. No stress diets, which is more harmful than unhealthy food!

Below are a few steps that you can start it at your own pace:

1. Drink water

Put wherever a crane is a glass down. Once you see the glass, fill it and drink it empty. Make it a habit to drink. Glass of water at certain routines of the day For example, right after you get up, when you go to the toilet at work, if you are going to cook. Preferably not drink water from plastic containers. The toxins in these containers leak into the water.

2. Use baking soda and vinegar as a cleaning agent

Regular cleaning products are full of toxic stoffem, which are released during cleaning. Baking soda and vinegar are non-toxic and perfect to use for all kinds of cleaning jobs. It is inexpensive and available at the pharmacy or drugstore.

3. Plan what you will eat, and make it yourself

Because of our busy schedule and the many opportunities to purchase snacks we beat delicious and healthy food quickly. If you are increasing the habit of what to think of what to eat before, and this prepares itself and packing, is to resist ready to get food.

4. Visit the sauna

If you go to the gym or yoga, use of the sauna. The heat kills many germs and bacteria on your body. Moreover, a Turkish bath kills the bacteria on your skin and open your pores, allowing toxins to leave your body.

5. Quit smoking

This should be wholly unnecessary but I repeat it anyway. Cigarette smoke is full of harmful chemicals, not only of tobacco, but also added chemicals or by-products that are released during the combustion process.

6. Eat organic

Pesticides are most of the toxins in our body. It is important to eat organic meat because the toxins in the bodies of animals and most environmental toxins are fat soluble. Fruits and vegetables with the highest levels of toxins are peaches, apples, peppers,and nectarines. Onions, avocados, sweet corn, pineapple and mango contain the least pesticides.

7. Heat or store food in plastic

The most unhealthy is heating in plastic in the microwave. The more flexible the plastic, the more toxins, plastic film which is the worst. This also applies to the disposable cups that you drink coffee out. Also cans containing food inside a plastic layer to not to allow the food. Against the metal This plastic layer also leaking toxins into the food.

8. Avoid foods with a high content of mercury

Fish contains a lot of mercury. Avoid eating tuna, mackerel, perch, cod and shark, as these fish contain high levels of mercury. Also, foods where corn syrup is scoring high on mercury meters. If something is sweet, and you can buy it in the store, you can be assured that there is corn syrup is processed.

9. Take lots of plants at home

As crazy as it sounds, the air in your home is often more polluted than the air outside. Indoor Plants filter and clean the air and give you some extra oxygen!

10. Not use artificial sweeteners, colorants, and preservatives

There is increasing awareness about the effects that these artificial substances have on your body, in some countries, some substances may not even be used. Sweeteners such as aspartame and flavor enhancer E621 are materials that are highly debatable. Make a habit of reading the ingredients list of foods,you will be amazed at all the harmful substances added. On the internet you can look up what substances you absolutely must avoid.

As stated earlier, you do not exactly your whole life around. If you start with a step every week, the effects will provide enough motivation for the other tips to try. Success!